Turkey attracts millions of tourists from West-Europe every year. Unfortunately, some of these visitors are being robbed or get involved in an accident during their journey. In general, Turkey is under cover of European travel- and other insurance companies and the insurers compensate the suffered damage. However, if the party that caused the damage is known, in most cases insurers or victims can claim the damage on a Turkish insurer or directly on the causer.

Benelux Claims Services is active in the domain of claims damages by order of insurers or victims from Western Europe. If needed, Benelux will carry out a procedure for this. Benelux can be of great assistance because the claims damages procedure in Turkey differs in many respects from that of other countries. Besides Turkey, Benelux handles claims in Greece, Bulgaria, Morocco, Romania and Poland.

Whatever the type of claim: property loss or personal injury, Benelux can quickly assemble the right team of adjustment, consulting and expertise-management specialists to settle the claim and prevent income loss.









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